Shipping your car or other vehicles safely: what is the best choice for you?

myVEHICLE24 offers several options to ship your vehicle. Our experience has shown us that your preferences will probably depend on the kind of vehicle you want to ship: a damaged vehicle or restoration project is usually shipped as cheaply as possible, but a brand new and more expensive car you will probably have different priorities. Whatever your wishes: we can offer you a package-deal that suits your needs. And of course, always at competitive prices. If you use myVEHICLE24 for other services too, our rates become even cheaper! Request your free personal quote and discover what myVEHICLE24 can do for you.

myVEHICLE24 ships a lot to and from the United States / Canada and Europe .  Most of our shipping has been from/ to the following ports of entry/departure : Chicago, Houston, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Savannah, Oakland, Montreal (Canada), Toronto (Canada), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Antwerp (Belgium) and Bremerhaven (Germany).  Would you like to ship from or to a different port? That is no problem: we can arrange sea freight worldwide. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about the possibilities.

Economic Class star

This package offers single vehicle consolidation-based economy shipping. The car (or motorcycle)  will be shipped in a container with other vehicles. All cargo is loaded professionally,  secured and locked down firmly for safety and to avoid damage. The shipper will determine how may vehicles will be shipped in the container and the utilization of the available space.

Royal Class starstar

This package is similar to Economic Class, with one essential difference: no more than 2 cars will be shipped per container. This is beneficial for newer or more expensive vehicles, because they will always be loaded and locked down on the container floor. This method makes this a safer way to ship vehicles, with less risk of incurring any damage. The rates for this package are just slightly higher than for Economic Class.

Special Class starstarstar

Are you particularly careful when it comes to your imported car? We also offer you the option to ship your vehicle separately in a container. As soon as the car has arrived in our warehouse, a small (20ft.) container is booked dedicated to your shipment. Your vehicle will be loaded into this container as soon as possible to be shipped to the port of your choice on the first available shipping opportunity.

Air Freight starstarstarstar

Your fastest option, if time is of the essence or you have an extremely special object to import, you can choose to have it loaded onto a plane and have it fly in. This special service by myVEHICLE24 is  fast and safe, but more expensive than our container shipments. However, thanks to our worldwide network of good agents and contacts we are still able to offer you competitive rates for this service.

Shipping parts

Besides cars, motorcycles, boats and household goods, myVEHICLE24 also offers to ship (car) parts. As soon as you have ordered parts overseas, we can arrange inland transport to the nearest port if desired. Naturally, you can also deliver the parts to one of our warehouses yourself.

Because we have the ability to ship your parts combined with our other cargo we can offer you very competitive prices. You can choose to have your parts transported by ship or by plane. Request a free quote now to discover our offer !


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